Website speed

This site scores an amazing 100/100 on the Google page test. Site speed is crucial, as it is linked to lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates. Websites that are optimised for performance have an advantage over slow websites. Poorly performing sites that render slowly in a browser can drive users away, especially on mobile devices.

- High speed ensures an impressive user experience.
- High speed boosts the SEO rankings of a website.
- High speed increases conversions.
- Fast landing pages lower the cost of Google ads.

The Google mobile page score of this sites homepage is 100/100

The Branches homepage score an amazing 100/100 on the Google page test. It also loads in well under 0.5 seconds. You can test your own speed by clicking here and entering your URL. Another good tester is Uptrends.

There are some simple and complex things that you can do to boost speed.

  • Moving to a faster host. If your website is hosted on cheap platform, then you will always struggle. At Branches, we use wpengine which is the #1 Wordpress host.
  • Your website theme and plugins could be bloated and use excessive HTML, CSS and Javascript. Whilst this can be improved, it may be necessary to switch to a lighter, faster theme.
  • Your images may be large and not optimised for web. Page load time can reduce massively by getting the images right.
  • You could make improvements by adding a cache and optimisation plugin to your Wordpress website.

Google will punish you in terms of SEO if your website is slow, particularly on a mobile. If you are running Google Ads, the price you pay in the auction is affected by your quality score. Landing page experience and page speed are a big factor in determining page speed.

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