Google Ads

Google Ads is NOT your friend. They are in the business of maximising what you will pay for a click or a lead. They always want you to fully automate bidding in an attempt to get leads in at the right price. The problem is that they are helping your competitors too with same strategy, so it's a a race to spend more and more. Google Partners are just as bad, because they follow what Google says.

New to Google Ads?

Branches can set up an effective Google Ads campaign covering all budgets. To run an effective campaign that isn’t going to run away with costs, you need to have several things in place:-

  • Your landing pages need to be fast loading (especially on a mobile) with very clear call-to-actions.
  • Google ads is all about data recording and conversions. So you need to connect ads to Google Tag Manager, which will in turn connect to Google Analytics. Reporting back the revenue you make from Ads will help you make data-driven decisions for future Google Ad spending.
    • If you sell things on your website, an instant sale will constitute a conversion, and the £ value needs to be fed back into Google Analytics and Google Ads.
    • If you get leads from your website that might result in sales further down the road, you need to feed in the values into Google Ads (this is done usually by reporting manual conversion values).
  • You need to be very clear about your campaign objectives. It could be straightforward leads or sales. It could be brand awareness. It could be social media sign-ups. Either way, you need to establish what you are willing to pay.
  • You need to be focused on what your competitors are doing in terms of advert content, times, and the keywords they are targeting. Find out who you will be up against.
  • You need a comprehensive keyword analysis to find out what you will be going for.
  • Each campaign will need to be set up correctly, and there are many things to configure:
    • Bidding type (manual bidding or one of the various automated bidding types).
    • Campaign budget.
    • Campaign schedule.
    • Device targeting (desktop, tablets and mobile).
    • Location and demographic targeting.
    • Exclusions (eg exclude men, exclude over 50s etc).
  • You need to create Google ad campaigns that contain well structured adgroups. Each adgroup should contain at least 2 adverts.
  • Each advert needs to have a number of headlines (up to 15) and up to 4 descriptions. Google will typically determine what permutations work best. It’s important for the ad quality to be rated as “excellent”.
  • When your ads are running, you need the correct reporting to allow you to make data led decisions. Looking at the statistics for the first time can be daunting. You need the reporting to decide which campaigns or adgroups to lower or stop spending, and which ones you need to increase spending. if your Google ads display and columns are set up correctly, it minimises the daily maintenance and boosts your decision making. Here’s what you should be seeing within the Google Ads console:
    • Cost.
    • Number of ad clicks.
    • Average cost per click.
    • Click through rate (CTR), this is is the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions.
    • Cost per conversion.
    • Number of conversions.
    • Conversion value.
    • Average sales value.
    • % top position and % absolute top position (for the ads).
    • Conversion value / cost (this is a ratio that shows what you are making compared to ad cost). Another version of this is called “ROAS” or “return on ad spend.
    • Conversion rate (eg. if 5 leads produces 1 sale, then the conversion rate would be 20%).
    • Quality score of your keywords.

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Existing Google Ads users

If you are currently running Google ads you can be sure that:

  1. A proportion of your ad spend is being wasted and wrongly targeted, and
  2. you are not visualising the data correctly.

We are ready to audit your Google Ads account and give you an actionable plan. We can help you ensure that all the points raised for new users above are being used in your current Google Ads campaigns. Contact us to claim your FREE ads audit and we can show you ways to maximise your return. There are several ways for us to analyse your current ads setup, we can either:-

  • Open a Microsoft Teams or Google meets call. We can have a preliminary look at your account. or,
  • You can allow us temporary access to your ads account (how to do it)