WordPress Websites Work

Looking for a blog for personal or corporate use?  We can provide you with hosting that has WordPress integrated Blogs are an amazing way to promote your business and increase your exposure online. A blog is a media tool that allows you to instantly publish content online. Business can use this form of social media to become an expert in their field focusing on topics they possess expertise in.

Dynamic/Genesis Theme (Cobalt Apps)

Branches mainly uses the Dynamic Premium theme as it’s fully featured with over 800 customizable areas. A powerful theme, tons of features, rock solid SEO and yet easy to customize.

Responsive Design, HTML5, Solid SEO, Clean Code, 800+ Design Options, Top Notch Support, Unlimited Possibilities!

Branches have produced numerous websites using the Catalyst Framework Theme. It’s rock solid and can be used to reproduce any design.

Adding Content

Would you like to add new pages or change existing content on your website whenever you want, without having to learn complicated HTML or web design technologies?

WordPress lets you manage your own website using an interface that is no more complicated than using Microsoft Word. Branches provides businesses with the most affordable and yet comprehensive content managed website available. Content management gives the website owner the ability to edit and add to the content without incurring the cost and delay associated with engaging a web designer to do the work.

WordPress, is Open Source. This means that it is free of charge and is maintained by an army of professional developers totally committed to the platform. You will never ever be tied in to one developer, leaving you free to concentrate on building your on-line business without worrying about future changes.

By using WordPress software we can develop a content managed website that costs a fraction of those developed using expensive and proprietory software. The wide availability of add-ons and plug-ins means that WordPress Websites are infinitely programmable to meet most business needs or applications.

Search Engine Friendly

An added benefit of WordPress Websites is that they are very search engine friendly. This means that, with very little effort, you can hit the top stops on Google.

WordPress blogs are VERY search engine friendly. Every blog post adds another item of content to your site which is found by a whole new set of keywords typed in by your potential customers.

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