Infusionsoft CRM

Infusionsoft database software combines CRMemail marketing and e-commerce into one integrated system.

It offers complete sales and marketing automation, everything happens behind the scenes:

  • Simplify Sales Activities 
  • Automate Sales Tasks
  • Send emails and newsletters
  • View Sales Reports
  • Capture Leads with Web Forms
  • Segment Customers (eg by industry, by course attended, by position)
  • Manage Calendar and Tasks

Automate your marketing activities

THE INFUSIONSOFT SYSTEM IS INCREDIBLY POWERFUL. You can fully interact with the customer in a very flexible fashion; this would even extend the look and feel of the website changing dependent upon the customers likes and dislikes. The system is so sophisticated, it could divert a logged in user to his/hers own homepage. Newsletter and email marketing are all built in…..

  • Manage the communication with up to 20,000 members (it can expand much higher).
  • Send Emails using templates (fully customised) with drag-and-drop builders.
  • Organise the members into segments.

The eCommerce functions are very unique……

  • Pay for products with upfront payments.
  • Pay using subscriptions (eg monthly). Encourage customers to purchase higher-value products or services by splitting the price into payment plans. Infusionsoft gives you the flexibility to define the time period, number of instalments and financing arrangement.
  • Infusionsoft allows you to offer discounts and upsells based on what you know about customers and their buying behaviours. You can also offer a free trial to get customers in the door. After the trial expires, Infusionsoft can automatically start billing for the subscription.
  • You can automate collections by creating campaigns that automatically inform customers of things like overdue balances or failed charges.

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