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Getting links from (1) HIGH GOOGLE PAGE RANKED WEBSITES and (2) WEBSITES THAT HAVE RELEVANT CONTENT (especially with the keywords linked) is the absolute key to success.

Many SEO companies actually do very little, they tweak a few page titles but tend to then add websites on a few paid and un-paid directories. They just register the website on DMOZ, the Yahoo paid directory and BestOfTheWeb directory…….. the customer gets a few juicy 7 and 8 page rank links and overnight the page rank and Google position of their own website go up.

Google Page Rank (PR) goes from 0-10, it is a measure of importance. The difference between a PR 6 and 7 isn’t 17%………..  page rank seems to rather exponential (a bit like the Richter scale), so a link from a 7 is worth many times that of a 6.  page rank is done on a page by page basis.

Things you should do

  1. Search for high Google page ranked websites and blogs and ask them for links
  2. Many sites are wise to the fact that they have high page ranks and they charge for links.  Paying a few hundred dollars for a pagerank 6 website that was industry relevant is good value.
  3. .edu websites and .gov and .org websites usually have high page ranks . Universities have very high page ranks and that the departments are often willing to quote/link to good stories (eg. the University of Glasgow has a page rank of 8).   Professors and lecturers publish papers that are often put online.
  4. Become a Google News feed
  5. Post in high page rank relevant forums (eg, BBC,, CNN,, newspaper websites etc).
  6. Pay to be listed in or sponsor high page rank relevant forums
  7. Pay to be listed on news company websites (Google has really clamped down on so called ‘news’ websites that were publishing posts for cash).

SEO basically boils down to excellent content that has lots of high page rank relevant links pointing to them.

  • Setting a goal for page ranks on your pages.
  • Requesting backlinks  (paid and unpaid) to specific pages from high page rank relevant sources in order to achieve the goal.
  • Budget for some paid links, eg….
    • Yahoo directory ($299)
    • Best of the web ($199.95)
  •  lists the pitfalls of using poor tactics.
  • News websites (BBC, CNN etc etc) have high page ranks – you should generate some fun, interesting articles and promote them to high page rank news sites.
  • Academic websites have high page ranks – you should generate some factual articles and promote them to high page ranks academic websites (and try and bribe/pay for listings). You should try and develop relationships with high page rank relevant ones.

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